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The Top Logo Design Trend for 2020 Which gives A New Look to The Brand

Undoubtedly, you will only get one chance to impress someone, the same way in business, also you will have one opportunity to influence your customers. Business logo design is the primary element through which you can overwhelm your consumers quickly. In business, you can use your custom logo design while branding your business from the various medium. A logo is a mirror of your brand and shows the status of your company. It’s the first thing that potential customers will look for.

The significance of the professional logo is the same as the name of the company. Business logo design must be distinct so that people can identify the company. It’s a visual communication medium between customers and the company. You can convey the message through the logo. Due to these many advantages, companies are investing a lot of money in custom logo design.

  • Color Gradients: 
    In 2020, the trend of involving the gradient of the custom logo design will emerge remarkably. Gradients are the way to turn any group of colors into a dynamic spectrum, and it looks amazing. This year designers will more emphasize the gradient where color comes to the center and spread till the other side of the shape. Even the 3D gradients will surely rock the market this year as it will be new and unique for the people. 3D gradients look beautiful in the digital form rather than the printed form, and even it’s hard to print the 3D business logo design with gradients.

  • Logo With Thin Lines:
    Another trend in the custom logo design is the extensive use of the thin lines in the logo. The designer will try to add some creativity with the help of the lines. These types of logos are widely famous in tech branding. As it gives a beautiful look in the computer rather than in the paper. Due to the extreme use of the thin lines in the professional logo design, it becomes complex. The proper use of the lines will create a unique and innovative business logo design. Although it's a new trend in the logo slowly and gradually will become the core of the designing. Design strategy to keep in mind during a logo design, this might be helpful while designing a logo.

  • Clean Typography:
    One place where we don’t require the complicated fonts to be included is logo. Your font must be easily legible from a distance as well. Typography is the critical element of the professional logo design if it’s used wisely, then surely gives the perfect outcome. People are bored with the same fonts like times new roman, sans serif. For instance, Amazon has a simple font in their custom logo design rather than any complex typography.

  • Cartoon Logos:
    As per the new professional logo design, cartoons are correlated with the fun and joyful mood. If it fits with your brand, then surely you can add cartoons to your custom logo design. These logos can quickly grab the attention of the people and will be memorable for a longer time. These types of logos are more emotionally attached to the human mind. Additionally, you can add cartoon animation into your business logo design to make it more attractive and memorable.

  • Purposeful Colors:
    Colors play a vital role in the business logo design, as each color indicates special meaning. In 2020, the designer will choose colors wisely and add to the professional logo design. Even each color has its psychological implications with a human’s mind. From the whole logo design, color is the element that will be first seen by the customer before any other element. It’s a designer’s responsibility to select the color that satisfies the requirement of the logo.

  • Animated Logo:
    An animated logo is a new trend in the design industry. Designers are making a complicated custom logo by adding animation to it. Even the 2D and 3D logos are popular in the market, and people are attractive toward these kinds of professional logo design. These complex logo animations aim to take the viewer on a journey and tell a story about the company. It increases the interest of people and ultimately increases the revenue of the brand.

Wrapping up

In 2020, logos will get more critical as this single aspect is powerful enough to change the whole market scenario. Undeniably, These trends will dominate the entire year. As a designer, you must be aware of logo trends in 2020 and use them in your business logo design. Even the designer can experiment with the new trends to craft a unique and innovative custom logo design. 



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